Rent Moving Boxes in Halifax

We know how difficult the job of a move can be, no matter how large the household items that will be temporarily stored will require boxes. At Frogbox we are providers of reusable moving boxes and we have an extensive line of moving items in addition to the rental of plastic containers in Halifax, we offer you moving boxes so you can transport all your personal belongings, all our moving boxes are delivered to a your home and then we pick them up when you’re done using them, all in Halifax.
We know how difficult it can be to move from one place to another, even if you think you can do it all yourself, you may need to rent moving boxes in Halifax and need help, Frogbox is here to give you the help you need with container rental for removals, as well as the supplies you need such as mattress covers, sofa covers, chair covers, moving cart, bubble wrap, packing paper, zip ties and boxes for cabinets, everything to transport and protect your belongings.

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  • Halifax
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Your price will be based on the number of Frogboxes you require and the amount of time you need the boxes.
  • $5/box first week rental
  • $1/box per additional week. Keep the boxes as long as you need.
  • Volume discounts for larger bundles

Amount of stuff being moved:

Frogboxes included in your bundle: 1 Bedroom Regular

Frogbox Dimensions

24″ X 20″ X 12″, 94 litres, (3.3 Cubic Feet).

Small Frogbox Dimensions

21” X 15” X 9”, 46 litres, (1.6 Cubic Feet).

Free local delivery:

Includes 1 delivery, and 1 pick up.

Free labels:

Keep your move organized.

Safe and secure:

Don’t risk your belongings to flimsy cardboard.

One stop shop:

We have packing supplies to get your move done.


Nothing - it's absolutely perfect. Loved the boxes and they made packing and unpacking a lot easier for us. Would use these boxes again and recommend you to friends and family at every opportunity.

- Julie from Halifax

Service was great - friendly, informative and quick to adjust to changes to our situation. Thanks!

- Eugenia from Halifax

everything was fantastic, service was above normal, it was a very long move ( 4 residences) it all worked out, and just a phone call I was able to extend rental time, and/or get more supplies.

- Theresa from Halifax

Locations across Canada and the US:

Free Local Delivery And Pick Up