What are the benefits of using Frogbox?
CONVENIENCE: We deliver your moving boxes and other moving supplies and pick them up. Frogboxes come pre-assembled so you don’t need to spend hours building and taping cardboard boxes. Our plastic moving boxes are water resistant.

AFFORDABILITY: Frogbox plastic moving boxes save you time and money.

SUSTAINABLE: Cardboard boxes and traditional moving supplies are not environmentally friendly. Frogbox is a low environmental impact moving supply solution.

Why don’t I just find used boxes?
Used moving boxes are a more sustainable solution than buying new. However, cardboard moving boxes absorb lots of dirt, bacteria and other things you really don’t want on your stuff. Each Frogbox plastic moving box is thoroughly cleaned after each use. Our drop off and pick-up service also means you’re not driving all over the city picking up boxes.

Is there a charge for non-local delivery and pick up?
Yes, there are delivery fee’s for some areas. We delivery free of charge to over 90% of all the locations we service. You can enter your locations on the pricing page to confirm if you are non-local or local delivery.

Is Frogbox a moving company?
No, moving is up to you. We make it easier on you, your wallet and the environment. Please let us know if you would like help selecting a reputable moving company in your area. We’ve worked with all of them and know who the good ones are

How big are the boxes?
Frogboxes come in 2 sizes designed to handle all common household items while maintaining a manageable weight for the mover.

Small Frogboxes are designed for books and heavy kitchen items, when these Frogboxes are full of books they are under 35-40lbs.

Large Frogboxes are the general purpose moving box that can fit items from any room in your house. Our large Frogboxes fit through doorways with ease. Stackable, sturdy, roomy, weather proof, reusable!

Large Frogbox:
94 Litres
3.3 Cubic Feet
24x20x12 inches

Small Frogbox:
46 Litres
1.6 Cubic Feet
21x15x9 inches

How does Frogbox deliver and pick up the boxes?
One of our Frogbox trucks will deliver your plastic moving boxes and other moving supplies to you. They stack neatly inside of each other and don’t require any assembly. Our driver will deliver the moving boxes and supplies right inside your home.

What are wardrobe boxes?
They are similar to cardboard wardrobe boxes except they are made of plastic and can be re-used many times. You hang your clothes on the rack inside and move the whole box. We recommend moving your non-delicate? clothes in Frogboxes and using wardrobes for delicate items. Frogbox plastic wardrobe boxes are 21 inches by 24 inches by 48 inches.

How do you build a Frogbox wardrobe?
Assembling a Frogbox wardrobe is quick and easy. Follow these instructions, or watch the video:

Use the wardrobe bar to push the flaps in the bottom of the box together
Place 2 or 3 books in the bottom to keep the flaps in place
Place wardrobe bar in slots at the top. The lower openings are handles for moving.
Add your clothes on hangers to the wardrobe.
Secure top and sides of the wardrobe before moving.
Note: Keep below 25lbs and use caution with heavy coats and jackets.

How are we helping the environment by using Frogbox?
Each Frogbox plastic moving box will be re-used hundreds of times before being fully recycled. They are made of easy to recycle High Density Polyethylene, that is strong, sturdy and all around the best choice for moving boxes.

Cardboard moving boxes are used on average less than two times before being recycled or disposed of. The EPA states that re-use is much better than recycling because recycling takes a lot of energy. Therefore using Frogboxes greatly reduces your environmental footprint. Frogbox is a low environmental impact moving system –all of the products we provide are either re-used or recycled.

How can you help Frogbox?
Tell your friends and family about us! Every time someone uses Frogbox we reduce the number of trees being cut down to make cardboard moving boxes. Besides that, it’s just a more convenient and affordable way to move.

Why use Frogbox?
Because it is more CONVENIENT, more AFFORDABLE and more SUSTAINABLE than the alternative!

What about bedbugs?
We clean each box between customers with an eco friendly cleaner. Bedbugs can be an issue with cardboard boxes as they are soft and retain moisture, creating an environment that is more appealing for bedbugs. This is one of the reasons we don’t recommend finding used boxes online or from the back of a liquor store.

Our boxes are made from #2 Plastic (High Density Polyethylene aka HDPE). This is a very dense and strong plastic that is great for moving but does not create an environment that will attract bedbugs.

Do you recycle Frogboxes?
Yes. Frogboxes are made from HDPE, #2 plastic. We are able to send retired Frogboxes to local recycling plants to be made into any number of new HDPE items.


Do you offer long term box rental?
Yes! For orders up to six weeks you can use our standard pricing and add the additional week charge to the three week rate. For longer orders please call us for special long term pricing. We help lots of customers who need to put their items in to long term storage or who are renovating their home and want to keep their goods safe

How do I pay?
We accept Visa, MC, or Cash. Some locations accept Debit cards and Amex. Our drivers have mobile payment terminals and will collect payment upon delivery.

Will I receive a confirmation call from Frogbox?
Yes! We will give you a call to confirm details before your delivery. You will also receive a confirmation email when you place your order. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Can I keep my Frogboxes longer if I need too?
Absolutely! please give us a call as soon as you know you may need your plastic moving boxes and moving supplies longer. We can typically accommodate extension requests. Additional charges may apply. See your city’s pricing page for additional week charges.

Can I change my dates?
Indeed! we strive to be as easy as possible to do business with. We’ll do our very best to accomodate any changes you might have, but please understand that our services may be fully booked on the day to which you wish to reschedule. Please let us know as soon as you know you’d like to make a change.

Snow days, extreme weather?
We want to bring you your Frogboxes! The weather can sometimes prevent this from happening safely. Our policy is: if the roads are covered with snow or if it’s too dangerous to take our Frogbox trucks on the road, we will immediately call you to reschedule. As soon as it is safe to deliver, we will be back on the road.

What if I move to a different city?
If you are moving between two cities where there are Frogbox locations we’d love to help. You can have Frogboxes dropped off in one city and picked up in another, making your inter city move convenient, affordable and green. At this time we do not offer wardrobes or dollies for inter city moves.



Are the boxes cleaned?
Yes! Every box, every time. We fully clean each box with disinfecting soap and water. We also use other tools like pressure washers, steam cleaning and industrial box washing machines.

Do you quarantine your clean boxes?
Yes, Clean boxes are then isolated for at least 6 days (often longer). Best science available states the virus can not live more than 3 days on surfaces.


How are the boxes delivered?
Our drivers will maintain 2m distance throughout delivery and pick up. We will bring the boxes and supplies to your door. We will not bring the boxes inside your house more than 2m.

Do I have to sign anything?
No, We won’t have any contact with you. You will count the boxes and verbally agree that the inventory has been delivered. The driver will record the inventory delivered.

How are the boxes picked up?
We ask you to put the boxes and supplies you are returning outside your door. We will not come into your home. If you need extra help please let us know prior to pick up.



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