Summer, oh glorious Summer! It’s the time of year to soak up some vitamin D at your favourite beach, hike a scenic forest trail, or grill some burgers (or veggie kabobs) with friends. It’s also the most popular and busiest time to move!

There are a few reasons for this: 1. Weather. Although it is the hottest time of year, it’s likely to be rain-free and guaranteed (almost) to be snow-free, so it makes for a dry move without the dangers or damage caused by rain and ice. 2. Real Estate Season. Statistics show that summertime is when most houses are bought and sold: the precursors to a move. 3. The School Year. Many families with kids plan to move in the months prior to September so that everything is in order for the start of school.

There are many reasons to plan a move during the Summer months, and several things you can do to keep your Summer move from turning into a hot-sticky mess.

You know FrogBox has you covered when it comes to providing affordable, easy-to-use, and eco-friendly moving boxes. Here are some more ways to make your move less stressful:

Plan to move on the least busy days of the week. Try to move on a weekday in the middle of the month, and do your best to avoid long weekends. Here at FROGBOX, our busiest times are between the 15th and 5th of the following month.

Be flexible. Even if you’re moving within the same city, allocate time for possible delays like vehicle breakdowns, unforeseen personal circumstances, or issues with your moving company. Consider taking an extra day off from work.

Consider what items should not be put into the moving van. If you’re moving during a heat wave, things like artwork or CD’s and Hard Drive’s may be susceptible to damage, while candles and household cleaners may simply cause a mess. Plan ahead to keep vulnerable items out of the heat.

Be kind to the movers. Respect their needs to take breaks, especially if it’s uncomfortably hot, and provide cold water for the packing crew. Keep in mind that in the summer your moving team has likely been working plenty of overtime.

Plan carefully for your kids on the big day. Your children will need a safe, climate-controlled place to play, nap, and stay out of the way of the moving crew.

Think about air-conditioning when moving out and moving in. The doors to your house will be open for extended periods, so it could be quite costly to have your air conditioner running. Make sure to pack your fans last and ensure that the electricity is turned on in the new home.

Plan for your pets. Make arrangements for your pets so that they are safe from the heat, kept out of the movers’ way, and won’t accidentally be let out of the house or yard. Put your pets in a kennel or have a friend care for them.

Don’t forget that a summer move means summer celebrations! Once you’re settled at your new pad, it’s time to indulge in the remaining days of summer with friends and family. It might be hot, it might be busy, you might run out of popsicles, but good planning and good company will keep things cool!