We’re Feeling Golden!

Here at FROGBOX, we’ve got a big reason to celebrate. We’re super excited to announce that we’ve recently hit 1,000,000 uses of our reusable moving boxes! And it’s because of customers and fans like you that we’re at this amazing milestone. We’re saving time and reducing waste one FROGBOX at a time.

Saving Time



Your time is valuable. And using FROGBOX saves you time. How much time?

Well, by eliminating 1,000,000 cardboard boxes, we’ve saved 1041 days worth of time that would have been spent assembling boxes. That’s almost 3 years spent building and taping boxes.

Phew! Sounds like a lot of work. Which might have been considered good fun in medieval times, but we’ve all got better ways to spend our days now! And that 1041 days doesn’t even include the time that would be spent collecting and disposing of all those cardboard boxes.

FROGBOX delivers sturdy, stackable moving boxes ready-to-pack and picks them up when you’re done! This means less time dealing with cardboard boxes and sticky tape and more time with friends and family. At this time of year, it also means more hours at the beach, by the pool, or in the park – just another reason to celebrate because spending time outdoors makes us happier.

Reducing Waste



Using FROGBOXES not only saves time, but reduces waste too! Not using 1,000,000 cardboard boxes saved enough packing tape to span the distance between the Earth and the moon 8 times! And enough cardboard to fill 65 Boeing 747s! We think this reduction in waste deserves a virtual high-five! And every time someone uses FROGBOX moving boxes, we prevent trees from being cut down to make cardboard boxes. Another high-five!




The Golden Ticket

We’d like to celebrate this awesome milestone and pass on these golden feelings with our franchise-wide Golden Ticket Contest. If you find a Golden Ticket in your stack of boxes, we’ll pay for your FROGBOX

moving box rental and moving supplies. Plus we’ll get you pizza for moving day! You can join in the celebration by sharing your “What I’m doing instead of building cardboard boxes” photo on our Facebook page.


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