The holiday season is here! And while all of us at FrogBox are very excited for the festivities with friends and family, we’ve also taken a moment to make a list (and, yes, we’ve checked it twice). There’s lots of ways to enjoy all the goodness of the season without creating all the waste, so here’s our list of tips for a sustainable, eco-friendly holiday:

  1. Buy local – Local craft markets and artisan stores are great places to find unique gifts that come without the cost of long-distance transportation and greenhouse gas emissions. There’s often less packaging too. Even better, try finding gifts made from recycled or upcycled materials.
  2. Give experiences in place of stuff – experiences make great memories that often last far longer than physical stuff that we may or may not even ever use. Tickets to museums, aquariums, theatrical and other art performances. Trips to a new destination. Ski days. Bungee jumping. Massage. There’s all sorts of things that will make for great lasting memories and less waste in the bin.
  3. Give ‘battery-free’ gifts – The EPA states that about 40% of all battery sales occur over the holidays. Once discarded, batteries are an environmental hazard. Go battery free and, for kids, consider giving naturally powered toys.
  4. Wrap presents in newspaper – it may not be as shiny as traditional wrapping paper, but it eliminates tonnes of unnecessary waste. Wrap gifts in the Sunday comics, old maps, extra wallpaper or reusable fabric gift bags.
  5. Make your own holiday cards – instead of giving a store-bought card, why not get creative and make an impressive, and more personal, homemade card. Or save paper by sending an e-card to tech-savvy friends and family.
  6. Keep an eye on those lights – Opt for L.E.D lights, which use about one-sixth of the energy as traditional lights. For outdoors, look for solar powered lights. And try to turn lights off (or use a timer) so they don’t waste energy overnight.
  7. Think about food waste – consider saving tasty leftovers for future meals, be realistic about how much food you actually need, and compost any unwanted food.
  8. Use a real tree – Real trees are more eco-friendly than plastic trees, which are made from toxic chemicals, and eventually end up in landfills. But make sure your real tree comes from a sustainable source.
  9. Use beeswax candles – traditional paraffin candles are terrible for both the environment and your health. Try using 100% beeswax or soy candles, which are biodegradable and more eco-friendly to produce

We hope these tips help to make your holiday a little greener. From all of us at FrogBox, we wish you a fun, safe, and happy holiday season!