We know you’ve probably got a handle on packing basics (for a quick refresher, check out this post!), and have got your packing materials, labels, and sturdy and stackable FROGBOXES ready to go! But not everything fits into a moving box.

Here, we’ve put together a list of items that deserve special attention, and suggestions on how to pack them with extra care. With a bit of planning and the right supplies you’ll be able to move these trickier items with ease.

  • Plants. A move can be disastrous for your green friends, so handle them carefully. For larger plants, you can wrap craft paper around the plant to protect the leaves from damage. If your plants are in ceramic pots, move them to lighter plastic planters and pack up your ceramic planters. Keep in mind that plants need to remain in a temperature-controlled environment. A moving van might be too hot or too cold, so transport your plants in your car where the temperature is just right.
  • Artwork. Moving your art collection can be nerve-wracking. Not only are these items costly, but often highly sentimental. Nobody wants to damage a frame or get nicks in the glass. It’s best to wrap each frame in bubble wrap or packing paper and then tape something light, flat and rigid (e.g., cardboard pieces) to each side for added protection.
  • Glassware and Fragile Items. Pack glassware with extra care. It’s important to support and cushion fragile glass walls both inside and out. Place glassware and china in the centre of a box, then use clothing, towels, and other soft materials to fill space and line the bottom and top of your box. Pack these fragile items tightly together so they don’t shift around in transit. And don’t forget to write FRAGILE on your label.  Extra tip: We recommend using newsprint to fill space, but not to wrap items; the ink can get everywhere and is slightly toxic. If you need a bundle of ink-free packing paper, FrogBox has got you covered – and it’s recycled, too!
  • Television and Computer Monitors. Monitors can be large, heavy, and easily damaged. You can either put a monitor inside a large box or wrap it in a blanket or bubble wrap and carry it. If you decide on the latter, you’ll want to spread the blanket on the floor, place the monitor on top of the blanket, then wrap the blanket up and around the monitor and tape it in place.
  • Legal Documents. Here’s an item that you should never pack. It’s very important to hand-carry car titles, marriage certificates, passports, and insurance policies. Keep these documents close, as they are difficult to replace. And be sure to make copies.
  • Aquariums and Fish. Fish often don’t survive the motion and varying temperatures of a longer move, so you may decide to sell or give away your fish and aquarium. But if you move them, it’s best to move your aquarium and fish in your car, rather than put them in the moving truck. Leave your water-loving companions where they are until the last moment, then transfer them into a plastic bag (suitable only for very short distances) or a plastic moving tank. For more advice, check out this how-to guide and visit your local aquarium store.

Thank you for reading!