Everyone makes lists. The moving experts at MOVEYOURPAD are no different, except that they have compiled the ultimate moving checklist to help reduce the stress of your next move. You can use their checklist along with pages of helpful moving tips to keep your move on track and make the right choices.

Ultimate Moving Checklist

Enter your move date, and the MOVEYOURPAD moving checklist lets you know the things you should be focused on in the weeks leading up to your move. Weekly email reminders keep you on track, and helpful tips and tricks associated with each task give you the guidance you need to feel in control.

Helpful Moving Tips

In addition to the moving checklist, MOVEYOURPAD also allows you to browse pages of moving tips and tricks. A range of topics cover all aspects of your move, from advice on choosing a mover and packing boxes, to fun activities to do in your new neighbourhood.

Getting Started

Getting started with MOVEYOURPAD is easy. Just visit the website at www.moveyourpad.com and sign up. That’s it!

Moving is one of the most stressful things that you’ll do in your life. MOVEYOURPAD keeps you on track and in control, and helps you enjoy the adventure.