Winter is coming…For those of us “north of the wall” winter can be a trying time to move. Dealing with snow, rain and ice is a challenge; some of us don’t have the luxury of waiting until a fairer climate to move. The FROGBOX team came up with a top ten list of tips to help ease the pain of snow and rain.

Choose your move day clothing wisely. Wear layers and pack an easily accessible change of clothes bag for all family members. *extra gloves and scarves are always a bonus!

  1. Clear pathways the night before (or morning of your move, if possible). Remove snow and salt the paths at the new abode too if feasible.
  2. Turn on the heat and hot water. After a long day moving you are likely going to want/need a hot shower. Make sure you set up your utilities ahead of time.
  3. Have hot drinks to hand. Be nice to your helpers and movers. A thermos of hot coffee and hot chocolate can help keep your team motivated and warm.
  4. Protect your floors. Ice, snow and mud will dampen your spirits and the carpet in your new hallway. Plan ahead, lay down some floor protection and don’t drag your FROGBOX moving boxes along the new hardwood floors!
  5. Pay special attention to pets, plants and electronics. Cute family pets, pretty plants and plasma tv’s = things that don’t fare well in the snow! Plan ahead, wrap them well, ask a friend to pet-sit.
  6. Prepare your vehicle. Fuel up the day before. Do you need snow chains? Does your vehicle need a service? These are not questions you want to answer on moving day. Plan ahead.
  7. Arrive early. Winter means dark, early evenings. You don’t want to be unloading a moving truck in the dark.
  8. Pack healthy snacks. Handy fruit, veggies, nuts and sandwiches are great.
  9. Be prepared. Make a plan b! A flurry of snow on move day may be manageable, but a blizzard?! Have a back-up plan ready to go!