There are many reasons our customers choose to rent FrogBox moving boxes. Many are moving, some are renovating, and a few are staging their homes for sale.

Home staging is about creating a lifestyle for potential buyers. When selling your space ensure you take all measures to present your home in its best light. This could be de-cluttering and de-personalizing your space, or perhaps bringing in a few extra pieces to make the space feel special.

We have a few handy hints on home staging:

1) Clean, clean and clean s’more! A quick blitz will not do for home staging. This is time to practice your spring cleaning skills. Baseboards, light switches and skylights. Leave no cobweb behind!

2) Remove clutter. Anything smaller than a basketball needs to be stored – perhaps in a FrogBox 🙂 Family photos and personal items, such as books should be kept to a minimum. You want your potential buyer to visualize themselves living in your space.  Nana’s 90th birthday photos are unlikely to make them feel “at home”.

3) Neutralize your walls. We know you have great taste. But your potential buyer doesn’t want the hassle of painting before moving in. Make it easier for them to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Paint your home in neutral shades.

4) Last minute touches. Empty the garbage, take out recycling and put the toilet seat down! Laundry and bathroom personals should be hidden from view. Put out fresh towels, leave the lights on and brew some coffee – the aroma will create a welcoming environment throughout your home.

Our friends at Flow Home Staging and Design will take you through the staging process and give you an idea of what will work best for you. Staging your home can often be the difference between a quick sale and your space sitting on the market for an elongated amount of time. In today’s market you want your space to stand out amongst its competition to get you the best return for your dollar. FrogBox and Flow Home Staging and Design will take the stress out of selling your home allowing you to focus on your future!

Before Staging - courtesy of Flow Home Staging and Design

Before Staging

After Staging. Courtesy of our friends at Flow Home Staging and Design

After Staging

Special thanks to Flow Home Staging and Design for their assistance with this post.