By Harj Thiara

Last week former Dragon from the hit CBC show Dragons Den, and FrogBox business partner Brett Wilson visited FrogBoxheadquarters. Brett brought his humor and connected with the team by sharing stories about hiking, travelling, and pretty much everything! We were excited to show Brett the day to day operations at FrogBoxWorld Headquarters.

FROGBOX world headquarters team with Brett Wilson

Brett shared experiences, business tips, as well as some behind the scenes scoop from his time on Dragons Den. When asked why Brett had chosen to invest in FrogBox he replied by saying “Doug knew what he knew, and he knew what he didn’t know”. Brett also loved the business concept and was intrigued by the idea of integrating business with improving the environment.


After many laughs and discussions of FrogBox’s challenges; growing from renting moving boxes from Doug’s garage to our current success and where we would like to be in the next 5 years, our day ended with the team feeling energized and inspired!

Check out Brett’s website and his new book: “Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes”

Also, have a look at the coverage we gained from the lovely team at the Gastown Gazette:

Photos by Andy Patton