By Harj & Chantelle

A mother is caring, nurturing, and always forgiving. An individual who loves endlessly. A mother protects her family, working hard to make sure her children have everything they need. From the moment we arrive, mothers nurture and teach us right from wrong right up until the day we leave the nest, pack our reusable moving boxes and leap into our first new pad.

Whether related biologically, or by the heart, there is no love like one from a mother.

“Of all the special joys in life, The big ones and the small, A mother’s love and tenderness is the greatest of them all” – Anonymous

At FrogBox, we would like to thank all the wonderful mothers out there that support us in every way from attending soccer games, to packing and hauling our moving boxes. Meet Chantelle’s mom, Sam, our “FrogBox Mom!”


Hoppy Mother’s Day!