Moving your home or office?

Don’t waste time with cardboard moving boxes, at Frogbox we offer a different approach. We rent reusable plastic moving boxes and we deliver to your home. Packing and moving will be much more convenient with our boxes and supplies. Moving boxes, wardrobes, dollies, packing paper, bubble wrap, mattress covers and more! When you are finished moving we pick up the boxes and reusable moving supplies so there is less waste than a traditional move.

Free local delivery:

Includes 1 delivery, and 1 pick up.

Free labels:

Keep your move organized.

Safe and secure:

Don’t risk your belongings to flimsy cardboard.

One stop shop:

We have packing supplies to get your move done.

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  • Mississauga, Milton, Brampton

Locations across Canada and the US:

Free Local Delivery And Pick Up

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