You need to coordinate a corporate relocation, keep the cost down and work flow interruption at a minimum?

You came to the right place!

Frogbox moving boxes for commercial moves help make packing and moving offices or stores a convenient and fast experience and minimizes the impact moving has on your bottom line. We drop-off and pick up the boxes at a time convenient for you; we even deliver them to individual offices or cubicles, and we provide free low-tack labels. The boxes are ready to be packed right away; the lids fold over – done!

Read what customers who have used our
commercial moving boxes for their office moves said
about our services

“Nice that Frogbox has environmental benefits from their reusable moving boxes, but it is a no-brainer from a purely financial perspective. Quite simply, Frogbox dramatically lowers our employee time consumed in moving by 50% to 66%. One Frogbox equals three book boxes or two file boxes, and eliminates the vast majority of moving time which is spent assembling and disassembling disposable packing material. In addition, the space is far more efficiently used in a Frogbox than in two or three separate boxes. All but a few employees can pack-up their cubicles in 15 to 30 minutes. We have used Frogbox three times and I cannot imagine moving in any other manner.”

-Richard von Riesen, Clarity Health Services

“We used Frogbox plastic moving boxes to help move our supplies from our downtown office to the location of our event. They were incredibly useful and made our packing experience quick, easy and environmentally sensible – given that we weren’t using cardboard boxes. Frogboxes are easy to close securely (no finicky tape required), stack and are very sturdy. A stack of the boxes got knocked over while unloading and everything inside remained intact – even the boxes weren’t damaged. I would definitely use Frogbox again for my moving needs in the future!”

-Christina McKenzie, The Green Living Show

“Tell more people about it! It is the only way to move! Fantastic service. Perfect for any type of move. You made our move sooo easy. It was a dream move. We are so happy that we saw your truck while driving and called you. We would never go back to cardboard boxes again. Frogboxes are so easy, so inexpensive and so good for the environment. We have already sent your info to another business that we know that is moving. We think your idea is brilliant and we cannot say enough good things about your entire concept and staff.”

-Lesley Jeanne Durrant, Fred C. Lowther Law Corporation

Sturdier than cardboard boxes, Frogbox moving boxes provide a higher degree of protection for your employees’ documents and items. To secure important content, the lids can be locked with zip-ties or even padlocks. Moving companies love Frogbox moving boxes because they are all one size, stack nicely and don’t slide off one another – and all of this helps minimize the moving hours and cost. After unpacking, Frogbox moving boxes can be nested in stacks again until we pick them up, which take up very little space at your new premises.

How many Frogboxes do we need… and how do we order boxes for our commercial or office move?

Each business operation is different and more and more companies shift from paper to online administration and communication. It can be challenging to estimate the required number of moving boxes for a commercial move. The nature of a business may include an archive and hundreds to thousands of files (like a legal or medical practice). – Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • A Frogbox measures 24″x20″x12″ which fits approx. 2 feet (or 24 inches) of either letter or legal size files/file folders and still has some room left. So when you measure the filing cabinets in your office you can easily calculate how many boxes you would need per cabinet.

  • A small office with just a few employees may require maybe 25 or 35 boxes whereas a larger office may need 50, 70 or even 100+ boxes. It really depends. The boxes don’t know the difference between private and commercial; you may as well use the regular online order form, select a bundle size and order a “xyz bedroom bundle”” although you are using the boxes for a corporate move. The residential and commercial rates are the same up to an order size of 70 boxes.

  • Frogbox’s commercial pricing starts with 70+ boxes; for quantities above 70 boxes and rental periods longer than 3 weeks please contact your local Frogbox franchise and ask for their assistance.

  • If you are not sure how many boxes you require you can start with a bundle (or a certain number of boxes) and add on, e.g. have us bring a second or even a third delivery. This is not uncommon. We will pro-rate the charges and make sure you get our best rates.

With Frogbox, corporate moves are convenient, affordable and green. Using Frogbox moving boxes saves trees, reduces cardboard garbage in landfills and lowers your carbon footprint.

Please call or email your local Frogbox franchise if you have further questions or to discuss your moving box needs for your next corporate move.